About me

I work in the digital marketing field but what I really want to be is a professional mountain biker.

I’m realistic, so I know this will never happen, which is why I ride when I can and post stuff when I can’t. I post stuff I find interesting about mountain biking, events, articles and news, and I hopefully you will too.

I’m a proud father to my two boys and husband to a great women. They keep me pretty busy, but I’m keen to stay off the couch as much as possible and get on my bike, so sports pass permitting, this happens as often as I can without neglecting either loves too much.

Life is a real balancing act rather than a hamster wheel. It’s all about getting the right balance! As one’s life changes so one’s balance needs to change, sometimes one needs core strength, other times one needs mental vitality, and yet other times one just needs to get on one’s bike and get some mileage in the legs, with as much bush, forest and single-track as possible.

This blog is about balance but mostly about mountain biking.

4 Responses to About me

  1. I love reading your posts! You have a great website!


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