How To Fix Your Gears On The Trailside – What To Do If Your Gears Are Jumping

How To Fix Your Gears On The Trailside – What To Do If Your Gears Are Jumping
Sometimes your gears might start mis-shifting or jumping during a ride. It’s a quick fix though – here’s how to sort it on the trailside.
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Gears can start jumping due to a crash, or even just use. Yep, that’s right; your gear cables can and will stretch, which means that perfectly setup gears can lose adjustment and start to jump.

More often than not, these issues will be with your rear mech. It’s generally a pretty quick fix – just find the barrel adjuster on your shifter and either tighten or release the cable tension to fix your gears.

If you’ve had a crash, you’ll need to check that your mech is straight. This is an important one – bent mechs can snap and take out your chain, wheel and even frame in the worst case. Worth checking.

Your front mech (if you have one) will need the occasional bit of maintenance – again, you can do this using the barrel adjuster.

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