Xterra SA Nationals in Grabouw

Courtesy of Songo.info

XTERRA SA Nationals in Grabouw

24 Feb 2013

Approximately 10 months ago, Steve Bryant approach songo.info with the idea of teaming up songo.info riders with Direct Axis and DVT colleagues who would complete xterra teams as swimmers and runners. Some even took on the challenge of completing the full Xterra; all with the intention of raising funds for songo.

A few sponsors came on-board to support the teams in their quest for a fun day out in Grabouw including Stillwater Sport and Entertainment, First Ascent and Go Multi. We are really grateful for their support.

In addition the athletes did their own personal fund raising from friends and family in their undertaking of the xterra challenge in support of songo.info.

Thoroughout the following months group training sessions were organised during lunch hours and after work as the teams clocked in hours of preparation for the big day, many taking on new personal challenges.

By late December 12 teams were put together including songo riders with several other brave colleagues, approximately 6, taking on the full Xterra challenge. Excitement was mounting and training was going smoothly for most!

Finally race weekend arrived, and Xterra Grabouw went on show to produce a spectacular day with world class athletes participating in what proved to be a nail-biting race! It was a privilege to be racing and mingling with such prestigous athletes, affording us the opportunty to see them at their best.

There was so much excitement in the songo camp as Songo Fipaza loaded the Reeds Opel Vivaro with young boys and a trailer full of bikes at 5.30am Sunday morning, destination Grabouw country club!

On arrival we were greeted by many excited athletes from the DA and DVT teams as they met the riders and planned handovers swim to ride and ride to run. We were truly touched by their enthusiasm and excitement as they made a big effort with the boys. One of the teams even spotted Azukile’s birthday 2 weeks earlier in his date of birth on the registration and suprised him with a birthday present. He was overjoyed! Another organised Spur burgers for all of the boys for after the race.

The racing went off really well and the songo boys gave their absolute best. We heard many wonderful compliments about the boys out of the trails including pulling a few bunches along! They were super excited to give their best to their supporting team mates.  Sipho Madolo blew us all away with his outstanding performance, his swimmer Helen, was one of the leading ladies out of the water and Sipho, continued the swift traversing through the course to finish right upfront, just behind the pros! Lwasi, one of younger boys, impressed us all as worked his way through the field making up many places on the bike. Every single one of them came back with a lot of sweat, some dust and a great big smile on their faces!

To Steve, and all the athletes, thank you so much for all the effors put into the day and for raising approximately R30 000 for songo, we are HUGELY GRATEFUL!

Thank you for a wonderful day of great healthy outdoor fun! We hope to do something again in the future with you!

More photos can be found on the Stillwater Facebook page: Click this link

via Xterra SA Nationals in Grabouw.

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