A Tribute to Burry Stander from Songo.info

Burry Stander

Burry Stander (Photo credit: Peter J Dean)

A tribute to burry stander from Songo.info

via A Tribute to Burry Stander from songo.info.

It’s really weird and difficult to explain. I find myself staring blankly into space and wondering around the house with a feeling of unease and loss. I had never met Burry Stander and cannot claim to know him, but we shared a passion and love and we shared a charity that he devoted much of his time and support to. He and Christoph Sauser, his Epic partner, brought me to know about and choose to raise money for Songo.info in this years Grabouw XTERRA.

What I have achieved and will achieve in mountain biking and fundraising is small and seemingly insignificant in relation to Burry but it’s close enough for me to feel like we have lost something that we will never truely understand the potential of.

If you would like to pay tribute to Burry, I can think of no better way than to spread the word about Songo.info, or donate to my cause.

I am dedicating my fundrasing for Songo.info and my 2013 Grabouw XTERRA to Burry Stander. To help me raise money in memory of Burry Stander, please email me or leave me a comment, and I will get back to you!

My deepest condolences go out to Burry’s family, Cherise Stander, his friends and his team  mates. He was a special guy clearly loved by all he came into contact with. RIP Burry.

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