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How much is enough?

I’m not a Doctor so I’m sure there are better qualified people out there, who have dedicated their lives to understanding the impact the flu virus has on our bodies at a molecular level. I’m also sure that even those scientists would all agree that most people recover and respond to this virus differently.

I’ve heard many people ask how long they need to allow for proper recovery after illness/injury/racing etc. and the answer that best resonates with me is one that I heard at the SSISA Triathlon session for beginners held a few months ago. That response was to allow yourself enough time – but again, how much time is enough time? That all depends on you, and a number of the following:

  • Are you sleeping well?
  • Are you eating well?
  • When last did you train and how did you train?
  • How do you feel?

The last point is the most important, as it all comes down to the individual. I may have had flu and been in bed for 3 days since Monday, but could be out riding over the weekend. Whatever the illness, and whatever the level of training, always listen to your body. If you’re feeling ok, it’s very likely you’re ready to train, and when you train push as hard as you feel is not going to hurt you in the long run. If you still feel under the weather, it’s a good idea to keep the heart rate low and if you are going to exercise keep it easy.

The other thing that helps motivate my training is that I’m not just doing it for me, I’m also doing it for I am really looking forward to all the hard work paying off, and the best part is that it’s just the start. Getting off the couch is just the first step, but it’s the biggest!

Knowing that I am aiming for a personal achievement and that it is bigger than just that, is a great feeling. Knowing that there are also 9 other individual full XTERRA athletes in the team who will be battling the same demons on race day, and another 14 in the relays.

I asked a friend when it gets easier, and his response was that it doesn’t because you just push harder!

If you’ve been following me you’ll know that I’m hoping to raise R15,000 in cash through the contributions from my fellow Grabouw XTERRA 2013 team members, and other multi-sporters and companies who would like to make a contribution for So far I have pledges from the team to raise R6,000 in cash and a few others I have approached have also said that they would donate. We’re still short so I’m appealing to you to get involved, if not in this cause, find one that resonates with you and commit to it.

Only a life lived helping is a life worthwhile – Albert Einstein

Written by: Steve Bryant

For more information on how to get involved, click here to drop me an email.

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