Finding inspiration.

This blog post by Conrad Stoltz, 4 x XTERRA WORLD CHAMP, is incredible!

The man is a legend! He is the complete opposite to the “traditional” athlete at 6ft 3, weighing in at 83kg and being 38 years old. He is a machine with a career highlights list as long as he is tall!

I found this blog post an inspiration and proves what the human spirit is all about. Conrad sums it all up brilliantly at the end. Below is an extract from his post and some pictures:

Conrad Stoltz Xterra Richmond Luck Stone 2012 by Jesse Peters Team Xtreme

These guys are an inspiration!

TEAM X-T.R.E.M.E – “Train, Rehabilitate, Empower, Motivate and Endure.“  Jeremy Soles, a former Sgt. in the United States Marine Corps founded the Wounded Warriors team.  They participate in extreme events wearing gas masks, cutting their oxygen intake to as low as 20 percent. But to some, the gas mask is the smallest of hurdle to overcome…

Cpl. Todd Love lost both legs and an arm in an explosion. The doctor wouldn’t let him parachute into the XTERRA Richmond start this year, so he “just” did the swim. And then his comrades carried him for the entire bike and run legs in a specially made backpack…

Sgt. Johnathan Mozingo, also a Marine, has served three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mozingo who did the bike and run legs, was wounded during his last tour in Afghanistan and lost part of his left leg below the knee.

Conrad Stoltz Xterra Richmond 2012 by Jesse Peters - Johnathan Mozingo

Sgt Mozingo and TEAM XTREME

Conrad says that there is not a lot of place for pedalling on this course, so when one can, one has to push the big ring!

Conrad Stoltz Xterra Richmond 2012 by Jesse Peters

Conrad Stoltz in his Big Ring

Conrad Stoltz trying not to ruin his legs on those massive steps.

Conrad Stoltz Xterra Richmond 2012 by Jesse Peters

Conrad Stoltz stair climbing

7 Wins in my last 8 starts in Richmond. Conrad Stoltz 10th Richmond XTERRA.

Conrad Stoltz Xterra Richmond 2012 by Jesse Peters

Conrad Stoltz wins Richmond Xterra 2012

You have 2 arms and 2 legs and you’re looking for a reason to get off the couch and someday see your feet again?

I will think twice about feeling sorry for myself next time I have to go train in rain or snow, or PUSH when the going gets tough…”

This guy is just a phenomenal athlete!

Conrad, thank you for sharing your inspiration!

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