Frankly I’m appalled!

Letter Winner Issue 53

My letter to GoMulti magazine got the winning letter in Issue 53.

This is what I wrote:

Frankly I’m appalled at the amount of trash I see out on the trails and the roads. I “competed” in the 99er road race in Cape Town in Feb and it struck me how little roadies care about the environment and then again during the Argus. It takes a second to stick the gel wrapper back in one’s jersey pocket rather than just throw it on the ground. I’m not saying it’s just roadies, having done the Argus MTB and a few other dirt races the same is apparent, though to a lesser degree. I think MTBers are more concerned about not being able to ride on the landowners land again so they respect the rules far more.

I can understand that the occasional wrapper goes AWOL while racing down the trails but even that is easily avoided.

I’ve noticed an increased amount of litter on Tokai mountain as well as more and more people get out to hike, bike and run. I ask you with tears in my eyes, is it too much to ask that one takes their litter with them?

We need to be less complacent and start telling people who litter to pick up after themselves. Police the little stuff and the big stuff will look after itself, isn’t that how the NY Mayor turned the city around.


What do you think? Do you see the same thing happening at events, on the roads or on the trails in your area?

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