Tokai by lights

The sun just starting to rise from Tokai overlooking the flats of Cape TownWhat a view from the road to Silvermine in Tokai on Saturday morning! Official sunrise was only at 7:20 something but we had some great riding around that time!

I met Gary at Tokai at just after 6 AM with a few cars in the lot and a morning of great riding ahead. We gathered our breath after both racing to get there as we were both leaving a little later than we’d hoped. I had to chuckle about that up to the Fairy Garden. Gary was still obviously just waking up when we hit the first section singletrack as he wiped as we came round a tree, those roots are tricky when you can see them, they’re a menace when you can’t!

We rode all the single track up and continued through boulders up the BIG climb and out to the gate where the top road meets the tar road to Silvermine. I have a lot of work to do to power my way over some of those obstacles! More time in the saddle!

We took another section of singletrack that neither of us have done in a while, and by the looks of things, neither had anyone else! It’s the one from the very top contour road that ends in a deadend and drops down to just about where the Mamba starts. I think it’s called the Cobra and it certainly bit me. Clearly I wasn’t the only one napping this morning but by that time I should have been far more awake! Gary made the whole thing look easy and as I came round one of corners with grass covering the track, I hit a rock, it flipped the handle bar and me off into the bushes with plenty of bruises and scrapes to remember it by. The rest of the ride was great, the rest of the single track has been worked on and most of it is looking really good. Gary, donned his wings on the main singletrack down taking most of the jumps in his stride.

Click here to see where we rode.

Thanks for a great ride Gary! I look forward to the next and hopefully with a larger group!

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