SINGLETRACKFUEL for single track lovers

I must just start this post by saying that I am by no means a professional MTBer so to find a drink I enjoy and sustains a long day in the saddle is what I am really after! My standard for energy suppliments and endurance drinks to date is set by 32GI with the raspberry flavour being my favourite.

I received a couple of MARATHON Fuel sachets and RECOVERY Booster from SingleTrackFuel a few days ago and have been itching to give them a try since then.

The MARATHON Fuel flavours I got were Strawberry & Lime and Cherry. I thought I’d enjoy the Strawberry & Lime combination the least so knocked that first. The powder is pretty thick with dehydrated strawberry seeds in the mixture so I would strongly recommend adding the powder to water rather than the other way around as the powder didn’t dissolve 100% when I added water to it. I was in a bit of a hurry and maybe didn’t mix it as best as I should have. The texture is a little like a really well liquidized smoothy and I felt like I was drinking something 100% natural.

I got out on the ride, a 5Km tar and foot path ride to Tokai to start and could feel that I hadn’t been on the bike for 3 weeks! My chest was sore and I was breathing heavily through sections that used to be a lot easier. I decided not to start the drinks just yet and warm up properly first. In hindsight, I think this was a mistake. I got to the bottom of the Tokai trails and started the SingleTrack MARATHON Fuel. I must admit the flavour took 75% of the bottle to get used to but by the end it was going down a treat. I drank a bit regularly through the first section of singletrack and up the first big climb and started feeling better and better. By the time I was through the flat section and up the second climb I felt like I had my legs back. Half the bottle down and half way up, I was feeling good. Got through the Boulders singletrack and up the last couple of climbs to the boom. I finished the bottle of MARATHON Fuel at the boom and washed it down with a bit water.  I felt good on it and it kept me going through the uphills.

I wasn’t planning on riding as far or as long as did so I filled the backup bottle with water and I hadn’t really touched that yet.

As I started my decent I could feel that I’d finished the MARATHON Fuel and was wishing I’d taken two bottles of it. I was starting to loose my legs but pushed on.

I could really see the effect after the ride when I did my post ride analysis on Strava (check the ride here) – a few personal bests and plenty of seconds and this after not being on my bike for 3 weeks!

I am really looking forward to trying the Cherry flavour on this weekend’s Simonsberg MTB Classic and the RECOVERY Booster post ride!

Thank you very much SingleTrackFuel for the samples and for a bottle that doesn’t leak!

From SingleTrackFuel:


Whether going for top podium position or just an awesome day out on the trails, you’re going to need fuel. MARATHON Fuel™ is packed with all you need.Different Gi carbs, including Vitargo, is used to give sustained energy release and assure NO BONKING.
Whey hydrolisate helps with extra long hours in the saddle.
The heart muscle needs healthy fat for energy – Organic Coconut oil gives just that!
Also containts huge amounts of electrolytes to help prevent dehydration.

Have you tried SINGLETRACKFUEL? What did you think? Let me know below…

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