UPDATED – Mountain biker ambushed by a Hartebees Buck (aka Buck Norris)

I have since learned that the name of the fortunate rider in the clip is Evan van der Spuy, 17  from KwaZulu Natal – fortunate because he has been given a Scott Spark 29 Pro.

The Scott Sports Group will be giving a new bike to Evan van der Spuy, the 17-year-old mountain biker who collided with a buck while competing in a race in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa on Sunday.

“Firstly, we are very happy that Evan wasn’t seriously injured in the incident. Evan’s bike wasn’t damaged, but we noticed in the footage that he was riding a Scott bike and decided that a better model Scott, a Spark 29 Pro, will help him ride faster and avoid being hit by wild animals in future,” joked the MD of Probike South Africa, Brandon Els.

Red Hartebeest stand around 1.25m at the shoulder and weigh around 150kg. They are one of the fastest African animals, capable of reaching speeds of 65kph. This particular buck hit Evan SOFA KING hard that he doesn’t remember most of what was in the footage and suffered a massive concussion!

Evan did a Skype interview with CNN last night and took today off school to do media interviews. He did five radio interviews this morning, Wednesday, before 10AM . Most of the world’s TV news networks have covered the unusual incident.

Read Bicycling Magazine’s exclusive interview with Evan van der Spuy by Nic Lamond here.

Weldone to the Scott Sports Group for realising the oppotunity and grabbing it with both hands. Evan is by no means an average cyclist  as he is the 2010 South African Youth Cross-country Cup Series champion and a move like this will not only keep him racing Scott bikes for a long time in the future but will keep him talking about it in his new found fame.

Evan, glad to see you are alright after that and look forward to hearing great things about you and your new Scott Spark 29 Pro.

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