Back on the bike

It has been longer since I wrote here than since I rode last, thankfully!

I have ridden a few times, if you follow me on you’ll know this. It is still not happening as often as I’d like and I tend to stick to the same routes making it difficult to really break out and find longer more tiring routes, until now.

I start a new job in Scarborough on 1 July so I will be riding to work occasionally and while it won’t all be dirt roads there are a number of dirt tracks I will find out there in the peninsula!

The last ride was over to Noordhoek and through the rock garden a few times which is always a treat!

I’ve loaded some of my rides on to and it makes me really look at the time it takes me to get through certain sections of track in comparison to others who have tracked that same bit! The Fairy garden for instance, I’m only 7th fastest through there and the leader is doing almost twice the speed I am. I need to get fitter and stronger and I think I’m on the right track!

The Smooth Knobblies are riding as usual but I’m getting out to join them more. I got some leg warmers and a compression jersey for my first ever Father’s Day which I’m going to be using to keep me warm in the winter months and those EARLY mornings! Thanks Rhys (Tracy)!

Can’t wait!

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