Liked on YouTube: Is Mountain Biking Harder Than Road Cycling? GMBN Vs. GCN

Is Mountain Biking Harder Than Road Cycling? GMBN Vs. GCN
Is mountain biking harder than road cycling? We used a powermeter to find out.
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Let’s get it out the way; we think that all cycling is great. But, we reckon that some disciplines (mountain biking) might be a little bit more difficult than others (cough, road). So, there’s only one way to decide it… We got our friends over at the Global Cycling Network (check them out here: involved and compared our efforts over a one hour ride.

What do you reckon is harder? Let us know down in the comments.

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Liked on YouTube: Could Dinosaurs Have Been Warm-Blooded?

Could Dinosaurs Have Been Warm-Blooded?
For a long time, scientists have debated whether dinosaurs were warm-blooded or cold-blooded. Turns out, they were probably somewhere in between.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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New photo from Facebook August 25, 2015 at 08:51AM

Had to keep elling myself this. #pedaldamnit #ninerd #ninerbikes @niner_sa @ninerbikes #mountainbiking via Facebook Pages
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Had to keep elling myself this. #pedaldamnit #ninerd #ninerbikes @niner_sa @ninerbikes #mountainbiking

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Liked on YouTube: Conrad Stoltz’s Fatbike beach riding Adventure

Conrad Stoltz’s Fatbike beach riding Adventure
This video is about me (Conrad Stoltz aka Caveman) takingmy FatBike on a beach Adventure along the South African South Coast. (Brenton-on-Sea to Sedgefield and back)

Stunning scenery, challenging coastal terrain, with the rising tide (nearly got swept out to sea) and riding & crashing in darkness, providing plenty of adventure!

Made possible by the amazingly capable Specialized Fatboy Pro: A Fatbike with 4.6inch (12cm) wide tyres, ridden at super low pressure allows you to ride terrain never thought ridable. Tyre pressure: 6-12psi (0.4 -.08bar) depending if its firm or soft, dry beach sand.

The ride is recorded on my GPS enabled SUUNTO Ambit3. Check out my “big ride, incl 120min at Tempo” ride details and flyover movie on Movescount:
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